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Church Hill Farm is family owned and operated by Max, Vicki Lass and their two children.

Located in the heart of south western Ontario, our goal is to provide chefs and retail clients with products which have a distinct flavour and quality.

Focusing primarily on the restaurant market within our local community, we hope to introduce our customers to meats which have been raised the way our forefathers used to raise them, resulting in a more flavourful, wholesome meat and a great eating experience.

We specialize in humanely raised, pasture fed, free-range beef, pork, lamb and poultry. We have chosen hardy heritage breeds that flourish with continuous outdoor access. All of our animals are outside for the entire spring, summer and fall seasons and have the freedom to come and go from the barns as they like. Pastures are rotated regularly. Animal welfare and land stewardship are of the utmost importance to our family. Our animals are raised slowly to assure quality meat and good marbling. Our experience has shown us that raising meat in this responsible manner makes for healthier animals and happier customers.

We are growing our business slowly to allow the involvement of the next generation. It is important to us that our customers are educated about our product and excited about our methods. We hope that we inspire a commitment to sustainability as part of our farming and business practice. To this end, we offer tours of Church Hill Farm to our restaurateurs, retailers and their staff. We also run an educational program for elementary school children. Sharing the story of our farm and our animals is important to us and we place a high priority on education.

Although we are not in the business of farm gate sales, we do offer an order service for special occasions or corporate gift giving. We are proud to lovingly raise our meats near Punkeydoodle’s Corners, Ontario. We thank you for your interest in our product.


Max and Vicki Lass and Family

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