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The Glory of Pork by Anita Stewart (Feb 28, 2011)

Every year the Lass family celebrates winter with a by-invitation-only pork dinner.  Chefs and friends congregate from the region and from ‘away’ to share in a feast that ranks right up there with the best of my life.   Chef Jordan Lassaline, one of the most talented and fastidiously creative chefs of his generation of Stratford Chefs School graduates, oversaw and executed the menu…

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Pigs that Root – Edible Toronto *pdf (Spring 2008)

In my travels I have seen cows, horses and even sheep romping for the pure pleasure of it. It wasn’t until a recent visit to Church Hill Farm in Punkeydoodle’s Corners, Ontario that I saw a big black pig careening around like a dog, scu!ing with other pigs, rooting in the dirt and living with apparent joy. For Max and Vicki Lass,  the owners of Church Hill Farm, happy pigs are a sign that they are moving towards their goal of a healthy and vibrant farm. Max used to have a high-pressure occupation as a dairy farmer. While the dairy operation was a good business  for  them,  Max  didn’t  like  the  toll  this style of farming was  taking on  the animals or on the family. As Vicki says,”When you’re in intensive agriculture,  you  really  are  in  corporate  Canada  because it’s  an  around-the-clock,  high-risk,  intense  enterprise.”  When  the opportunity  arose  to  change  direction four  years  ago,  they jumped at the chance.

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