We raise chickens, eggs and turkeys at Church Hill Farm.  We are  working with rare breeds to produce a source for breeding stock.

Royal Palm Turkeys

We raise Royal Palm turkeys at Church Hill Farm, they are one of the most beautiful turkey varieties. They are active and thrifty, excellent foragers and good flyers. Standard weights are 22 pounds for toms and twelve pounds for hens. We were thrilled this spring when out devoted Mary (our breeding hen) laid numerous eggs and successfully hatch 9 poults. Len was a very proud Papa. He is now teaching his brood to strut their stuff, fanning out their spectacular feathers.

We chose the breed for their breeding and hatching ability which has been lost in commercial breeds. Because they have not been bred to produce unnatural amounts of breast meat they also do not incur the common leg problems in commercial flocks.

Their smaller size was also appealing to us because we will be smoking some in our new smoke house this fall.


Bourbon Red & Bronze Turkeys

We have added two new turkey breeds to our collection.  The lighter brown turkeys in the picture are the Bourbon Reds, which have distinctive white tips on their feathers and are quite stunning when they fan out.  The darker, almost black feathered birds are the Bronze breed.  They sport somewhat lighter mottled wing feathers.  All the breeds love to wonder out on a beautiful winters day.

Phoenix Chickens

Our son has just recently acquired a Phoenix Rooster and Hen. He will be starting a breeding program for these rare chickens. Phoenix are an ancient breed in Japan where they were kept in the imperial gardens. Individual males were given special care and the tail feathers sometimes developed to the fantastic length of 20 feet. Modern fowl are still unusually handsome and tails are striking although of more ordinary length. These birds are lively and friendly! We will keep you posted on Nigel and Copper’s progress. Our son is hoping to have poults for sale in the spring.

Araucana Chickens and Blue Eggs

The Araucana breed is a hardy, dual purpose breed from South America. They are the only chickens native to the Americas. We love the araucana breed at Church Hill Farm as they are the perfect outdoor chickens. They thrive on grass and far prefer it over corn. They have very small combs and waddles which lessens the chance of frostbite, a common problem with regular breeds being out of doors. One of the most enchanting characteristics of the breed is that they lay medium-sized, greenish-blue eggs. This has earned them the nickname of the Easter Egg Chicken. Another trait we appreciate which has been lost to the common chicken varieties is that these hens will hatch their own eggs.

Ducks & Geese

Ducks and geese will be arriving on Church Hill Farm next spring – just searching for suitable breeds. We will be happy to grow to order.